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Question Types

Choose from over 15 question types that are already configured & ready to go:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Matrix of Choices
  • Rating Scale
  • Text Boxes
  • Demographics

Format questions with the click of your mouse:

  • Randomize/sort answers to eliminate bias
  • Add comment fields
  • Require answers or change size & placement

Survey Templates

Save time & ensure quality feedback with our pre-made survey templates. Here are a few of the most popular:
  • Academic/Research–Course Evaluation, Faculty Satisfaction, Public School Survey
  • General Business- Customer Service, Online Product Feedback, Business to Business
  • Marketing- New Product Announcement, Software Evaluation
  • Non-Profit- Fundraising, Volunteer Recruitment, Membership Survey
  • Satisfaction- Customer Satisfaction, Client Satisfaction
  • Services- Dental Care, Medical Patient, Travel
  • Social/Political- Advocacy Workshop, Event Feedback, High School Clubs


Customize your survey to look and feel like a part of your site.
  • Customize the color scheme to match your site
  • Include your company logo
  • Include your company name in the survey URL so respondents know it is an official questionnaire
  • Create the survey in the same language as your site.
  • Serve up a custom thank you page once the survey is complete or redirect participants back to your site.

NOTE: Our free basic account does offer a variety of pre-set color themes to choose from, along with the ability to create a survey in any language.

Response Validation

Simple, yet advanced validation options ensure you get the answers you need.
  • Make questions required or optional.
  • Require a particular number of answers.
  • Validate the text entered into an open field to ensure it meets your specified format for entry length, numbers, dates and email addresses.

If your criteria aren’t met, we can display error messages in 21 different languages to guide respondents to answer correctly.

Skip Logic

Improve response rates by serving up only questions that are relevant to a particular participant.

Skip logic features allow you to create custom paths for different participants based on how they answer a particular question so that a participant's time is not wasted on questions they don’t have answers to.

  • Question Skip Logic Example — Dive deeper with follow up questions about a person’s opinion of your product only if they have actually used it.
  • Page Skip Logic Example — Serve up a few department- specific questions in a larger company survey, based on the departments your participants self identify with.

Printable PDFs

Take your survey anywhere, even places your computer can’t go.
  • Turn your survey into a portable PDF with a single click
  • Bring a copy of your survey to a meeting
  • Collect responses offline

Response Collection

Collect responses from just about anywhere with one handy link.

We create a unique survey link that you can send to respondents any way you like. All they have to do is click on it and they’ll be taken directly to your survey.

Most popular places to include survey links:

  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Facebook Pages
  • Blogs
  • Banner Ads
  • Twitter Posts

* The PRO Account allows you to customize your survey link with your company name.

Invitation Tools

Need help collecting responses? We can send out the invitations for you.

Though your handy survey link goes just about anywhere, sometimes you might need a little help getting the link in front of the right people:

  • Email: Our tool can create custom survey invitations and mail them to your email contact list, while also allowing you to track responses and send reminders to those who haven’t responded.
  • Pop-Up: We can also pop up a survey invitation to segments of visitors on your website.

Managing Responses

Easily set limits & allowances to ensure you get just the responses you want:
  • Specify the maximum number of responses
  • Provide a cut off date for responses
  • Require a password to take the survey
  • Restrict responses to 1 per IP address to ensure participants can only take the survey once
  • Allow infinite responses per IP address for computer labs and kiosks

Segmenting Responses

Collect responses from multiple sources or segments simultaneously with a single survey.
  • Unique survey links can be created to collect and monitor responses from a different demographic group or distribution channel (e.g. Facebook or email).
  • All the results will still feed into your overall survey tally, but you’ll also be able to filter the results to view the opinion of these unique groups.
  • Once you hit your goal for a particular segment, you can cut off the response flow without having to turn off the entire survey.

Enhanced Security & Privacy

We take the security and privacy of your data very seriously.
  • The data we collect is kept private and confidential, and it’s owned by you. We will never use the data for our own purposes.
  • We have a state of the art security infrastructure to make sure the data we collect is safe and that our systems (your systems) are always up and accessible.
  • We also offer an enhanced SSL encryption package to protect your survey link and survey pages during transmission.

508 Compliance

We are proud to be the only provider of section 508 certified surveys.
  • Every survey you create with us is guaranteed to meet all current US Federal Section 508 certification guidelines without sacrificing its good looks.
  • We have a state of the art security infrastructure to make sure the data we collect is safe and that our systems (your systems) are always up and accessible.
  • Anyone with vision impairments that require high-contrast themes, limited to keyboards to enter responses, or using screen reader software can view and take our surveys with ease.

Real Time Results

The minute a survey is completed, the responses can be viewed and reports can be generated.
  • Watch for global trends by viewing the results in aggregate.
  • Dive into individual responses to view details of a particular respondent, or to read the comments of open ended questions.
  • Create custom reports including only the questions, tabulations, filters and charts that you want.

Cross Tab & Filter

  • Discover hidden trends with a more customized view of the data.
  • Watch for global trends by viewing the results in aggregate.
  • Filter responses by audience segment or distribution channel. See if parents respond differently than singles or if email respondents have different views than those of Facebook respondents.
  • Cross tab your results to look for trends based on how respondents answered a particular question. See how perceptions differ between those who say they’ve tried your product vs. those who haven’t.
  • Create custom reports based on your specified criteria, and include only the questions you want.

Charts & Graphs

Turn your data into professional-looking charts and graphs with a click of your mouse.

Powerful visuals can make the presentation or, at the very least, make it easy for your peers to understand the results of your hard work.

  • Pick your desired chart format: pie, bar, area, line or column.
  • Customize colors and fonts to suit your needs.
  • Save your auto-generated chart as a graphic for inclusion in email, a presentation or any other type of documentation.

If you are looking to create more advanced charts and graphs, you can do so by downloading the data into Excel & building them there.

Downloadable Data

If numbers are your thing, you can dive deep into the results by downloading the data into a variety of formats:
  • Excel spreadsheet (or CSV file) to play with the data and even view all those write-in answers and comment fields.
  • A read-only document like an Adobe PDF to share with colleagues or friends.
  • An HTML or XML summary for your web-based needs.

Shareable Results

We allow you to share survey results with others without giving them access to your full account. You decide the level of visibility to allow:
  • Summary only
  • Summary plus response details
  • Ability to apply filters and export data on their end

You can even password protect the information to be safe.

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